Licensed Behavioral Therapist in Grosse Pointe Michigan

Providing Mental Health Services to Grosse Pointe

When people hear the term mental health counseling, they usually picture out a medical professional helping his patient through words and advice. True, these professionals use scientific methods and proven strategies to help patients cope with problems. However, the duties of these doctors do not end there. This is just one of the many ways that these counselors can be of service.

Mental illnesses have also become quite a specialty of these counselors. In contrast to physical injury, it takes special skills to navigate through a person’s mind and help him get through tough times. But they are also experts in treating bipolar disorders and mental disabilities.

Counselors also belong in a wide range of medical professionals from all fields, to ensure that if a patient needs to be referred to a specialist, he will be assured of continued top service quality

These medical professionals help people with everyday problems and issues. If you or someone you know has problems dealing with depression – may it be from the loss of a loved one, general anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, chronic pain, and even substance abuse – it’s best to seek help from counselors who know how to attack these issues and lead you or your loved out of danger

We at DWCAUCUS have embraced the responsibility of taking care of our patients, most of which are physically healthy, but need some guidance and proper mentoring. People are slowly acknowledging the importance of having a trusted counselor in times of deep emotional stress, so we are here to answer that call.

Life can be so full of anger, grief, frustration, and disappointment. These feelings are proven to take their toll on our overall health and well-being. These trying times are never easy to pass through, but with the help of our counselors, patients can cope with these stress factors seamlessly. Mentally and emotionally, our patients are guaranteed only the best.