Licensed Behavioral Therapist in River Rouge Michigan

Providing Mental Health Services to River Rouge

You do not have to suffer depression and mental stress alone. Instead, you should seek professional assistance and learn how a mental health counselor can change your life. Mental health statistics show that twenty-eight percent of Americans can benefit from counseling, although only a third of them will look for one.

A mental health counselor can effectively improve your mental health by working through your past and present issues. Using writing techniques, reading aloud what you wrote, and by talking, you can identify the source of your anxiety and learn how to overcome them effectively. Counseling gives you valuable tools to handle daily problems and long-term relationships. A good counselor can be a real lifesaver.

To become a mental health counselor, an individual must have earned a master’s degree in counseling. A license to practice is also required. This is mandatory in all states in the Unites States. Licensure typically requires a master’s degree, plus a certain number of supervised clinical experience hours. After earning this degree and licensure, graduates must also pass a state-recognized exam. To ou license current and up-to-date, annual education classes must be attended. While in a master’s program, students will study ways to recognize, define, and address mental and emotional symptoms and disorders.

This career is not for someone who finds sympathy and compassion difficult traits to embody. Mental health counselors may deal with individuals who are traumatized by their disabilities, or who are frustrated with their inability to cope with an emotional or psychological disorder. These professionals should be able to listen to an individual, connect with the feelings they are displaying, and communicate effectively with their clients. These skills may be easier to exemplify from someone who considers themselves a “people person,” or someone who gets along well with various types of individuals, personalities, and age groups.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median pay off these professionals in 2010 as $19.09 per hour or $39,710 per year. This career is projected to grow by 37% between 2010-2020. Industries that employ the greatest amount of these individuals include places such as individual and family services, residential mental health and substance abuse facilities, and outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers. As insurance companies tend to provide reimbursement to individuals who use the services of counselors, more people are projected to utilize these outlets. BLS also explains that people who are searching to receive mental health treatment are much more likely to visit a mental health counselor rather than go to another provider.

Those who wish to enter a career as a mental health counselor must first earn a bachelor’s, then a master’s degree in counseling, or a related topic. Many programs offer different specializations, internships, and other aspects students may employ while designing and tailoring their course of study. If individuals already have experience working as a health counselor, or in a related area, some programs may even allow this experience to be transferred into course credits.