Licensed Behavioral Therapist in Warren Michigan

Providing Mental Health Services to Warren

You might need professional counseling if you are unable to perform your normal daily activities at work, school, or home.

You probably need counseling if you can perform your normal daily activities but with added stress and difficulty.

Anyone can benefit from counseling. Counseling can help you learn new methods of coping, new strategies for managing problems, or how to overcome barriers and “feeling stuck.”

Seven reasons you MUST seek Mental Health Counselor help:

If you are having thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself, or have made an attempt to hurt yourself, by cutting or suicide, you MUST seek professional help. Counseling CAN help – there is HOPE!!!

If you are thinking about hurting someone else or are being hurt by someone else, seek professional help. If you are angry enough to want to harm someone or seek revenge, you need to talk to someone. If you are being abused in any way, physically, sexually, or emotionally, or if you have been abused in the past, please seek help.

If you are taking any medication for depression/anxiety/mental health issue, then you should be working with a counselor in addition to medication management by your physician or psychiatrist.

If you are hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t there, if you feel paranoid or worried that someone is out to get you, seek professional help. Delusions, hallucinations, or paranoia are signs of a severe, untreated illness or medical problem. You may need to go to the emergency room for immediate help.

If you are unable to work, sleep, eat, or complete your normal daily activities because you can’t get out of bed, or are worried or anxious, seek professional help. I know it will be hard. You probably do not have the energy even to make the call – but you did start reading this book, so you are already on your way to getting help. It can get better.

If you are drinking, using drugs or food or other addictions to numb your emotional pain, seek professional help. These are only temporary solutions to your pain. A professional can help you find permanent strategies for relief.

If you have problems controlling your anger, seek professional help. Anger is a normal human emotion, but if your anger causes you hurt yourself, others, or property, then you can benefit from counseling.

Additionally, you MAY need professional help:

  • If you are distracted and have difficulty concentrating
  • If you are isolated and have no social support system
  • If you feel bad about yourself
  • If you need help with your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, or neighbors
  • If you want to communicate better

If you want to feel happier, more focused, calmer, more confident, or are stressed about finances, job, or school, then counseling can help.